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Honeyfund’s Professional Tips for Your Wedding Registry!

Ideas for Your Wedding Registry Consideration

Are your wedding bells about to chime? You must be getting really excited as your wedding day approaches. Not only do you get to spend the rest of your life with the man or woman of your dreams, you also get to receive amazing gifts from your family and friends.

As far as wedding planning is concerned, creating the wedding registry is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Everybody loves making lists of things that they desire! But it can be tricky coming up with the best things to add to your wedding registry.

With that in mind, we’d like to help you create the ideal wedding registry. When you are done reading our ideas, you’ll have the perfect plan to create the registry of your dreams!

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5 Wedding Registry Ideas to Consider

  • Avoiding duplicates – in today’s society, just about everybody has the majority of their household needs already taken care of. Creating a wedding registry can be difficult because you have to avoid duplicate items in many instances. But on the flipside, having duplicates might not be such a bad thing. You obviously need more than one comforter. And one set of sheets is certainly not enough. On the other hand, you really don’t need two coffeepots. Keep duplicates in mind when creating your wedding registry and add or subtract items accordingly.
  • Receiving donations – many of us do not need additional household goods. Instead of getting a bunch of duplicate things that you already own, it’s in your best interest – and the best interest of society – to create your registry at a free fundraising website. Will you miss getting wedding gifts? Maybe. Or maybe not. What we do know is that you’ll feel great about yourselves if you donate money to your favorite charities as opposed to getting a bunch of gifts that you really don’t want.
  • Registry quantity – many of us feel that we are adding too many items to our wedding registry and often feel guilty about it. Don’t worry about this at all. The more items that you have available on your registry, the better chances you’ll have actually getting what you want and need. Don’t have any negative feelings about adding too many items to your registry. That’s what it’s there for. So enjoy the process and add items to your heart’s desire!
  • Gift prices – it’s important to vary the prices of items on your wedding registry. The guests that aren’t members of your family are going to buy less expensive items on your registry in many instances. Family members and close friends will buy the more expensive items. So vary your options based on lower to higher prices.
  • Things you want – more important than anything else, make sure your wedding registry is filled with things that you want and need. Sometimes, the things you want really aren’t necessities. They are just fun items that you’ll enjoy! Please add those as well because it’s your wedding and you deserve to have fun.

Use these ideas to create the perfect wedding registry!